I feel alive
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mortalroseI am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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no matter how terrible your life might be right now, there are always better days to come

I feel alive

by mortalrose

I haven't seen the sunlight in what feels like decades, it's brighter and warmer than I last remember it

I forgot what nature felt like, how it can affect a broken soul and help it grow back together

trees guard me from further disappointments and the waters flow in a calming manner

my heart opens up like a flower at the sight of all these impressions, like I finally feel alive

the tension inside me loosens up and I feel so free that I could jump up and fly away

I feel as alive as never before, like I've been sleepwalking for the past few months

never expecting to reach the top of the mountain after falling down so often, I reached it with a battle cry

taking in multiple bullets, I managed to stand still like you'd expect it from a die hard soldier

after the chaos that I had to carry inside myself fell off, it was like being reborn

everything feels different now but in a positive way, the nightmare that has been my life is finally over

I feel free and alive now

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