are we friends or can we become more?
are we friends or can we become more? love stories
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mortalroseI am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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about me and my best friend

are we friends or can we become more?

by mortalrose

you are my best friend, in fact I have never had a male best friend before

we met in school and got along with each other very well

we share the same humor, listen to the same music and have so many things in common

there are so many stories to tell of adventures and semi-illegal stuff that we did

people around us started wondering if we were a couple

I didn't mind them thinking that because we did spent a lot of time together

but I was sure that we both subconciously agreed on just staying friends

time flew by and I noticed that you started acting weird

one of my friends confronted you on your strange behavior

that's when you revealed that you had some romantic feelings towards me

but you knew that I didn't feel the same way for you

still, you couldn't really define the thin line between friendship and attraction

so you gave it a try and I had to disappoint you because you were right, I didn't feel the same as you did

we still somehow managed to stay friends

of course there was some negative tension in the beginning

but we made it through this, it would've been too much of a pity to end our friendship

some time has passed now, we've gotten older and more mature than we've once been

you grew to be a real adult, I did aswell

lately we've been hanging around, reliving our old habits of sitting at some quiet spot in nature, smoking cigarettes and thinking about our place in the universe

I caught myself up with the thought that what would have happened if I didn't reject you back then?

would've our relationship worked out? would we still be together now?

as I looked at you now, I couldn't tell if you ever got over me since we never talked about it again

I had a glimpse of hope left that maybe you're still in love with me, at least a little bit

maybe I have fallen for you just now, maybe we can make it working out now

you are my best friend but are we destined to become more?

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