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Princess Penelopy is the next in line to the throne, knowing the ways of old tradition she follows them as her Father taught her too, yet when she feels the Gods abandon the Kingdom, and the ugly truth of Kingship, she makes it her soul duty to change the minds of a Old fate. Yet her mother the Queen has other plans for the Kingdom, filled with lies she can no longer contain.


It's Not Easy Being Mean

First Act Of Princess Penelopy

In a land given as a gift by the Old Gods, in the highest tower, is the Princess who's words hurt even the most highest ranked official.

Her mother, Queen Poala, does her best to treat her duaghter to the fresh bounty of the land.

"Come on sweetie, the people gave this as a gift to there future Queen," watching as she moved with angst and cursed her meal of greens.

"Peas sounds like a potty, why should I eat something named after pittle!" she argured as she huffed to her bed, slamming herself on the highest of quality sheets and pillows.

"Princess Penelopy, they where a gift by the people, they grow our food, they make our beds." the Queen glared at her daughter, trying her best to get her to eat at least one bite.

"They love you my darling, why must you be so mean to them?"

As the words moved from one ear, then out the other, the Queen realized she was fighting a loosing battle, and gave her daughter the first lesson of ruling her soon the be Kingdom.

"Let those eat it, who have nothing to eat at all!" she screamed, throwing her plate of veggies on the ground in front of her.

"I am a Princess, bring be cake!" she exclaimed, only to be soften by her chamber door opening.  

The princess's eyes widened and her voice change from tyrant to darling.

"Daddy!" she squealed, as her father took her in to his embrace.

"My little ruler, have you eaten your dinner?"

"She ruined her dinner and demands sweets, she's going to be one for the dungeons" the Queen teased, as her daughter ran once again to her father.

"Oh my dear, you know it's only the best for my only daughter" he smiled, the princess gave all her cheer to her father, as for the Queen, she cursed under her breathe.

As the kingdom fell into night, the masses believed there rulers to be the law that surpassed Divine Law, they believed that as acting ruler the King was more Holy then all the saints.

Yet one thing that plagued the people was the lack of a moral compass which pointed them where life was meant to be lead.

As the tradition of Ruler's Rule was passed down, the Princess grew to become the most beautiful girl to be seen by the eye's of men, and touched by the hands of maidens.

The Princess was known by all to be happy, cheerful, and kindest of them all, or so the story went.  Or that's how they told it.

Death of A Good King

As the sun moved across the sky, time did what time does and wore away at the stones, made the leaves fall then grow, as well as tarnished the mind and soul of the King himself.

Rule ment that if and thing when wrong it was the soul duty of the monarch to correct it in any way deemed fit.

Yet the mind is a tool used by a king, and all tools lose shape, they lose vitality, and the more it's used, the faster it begins to lose vigor.

"Move them then!" screamed the King as a group of noble children places there clay sculptures of there beloved King at his feet. He knew not what he was doing, yet the children knew no better.

The King always had words for those who did nothing to make him angry, yet his mind was in a place no-one could phantom.

As the youths bawled to the next room, spirits broken and hopes crushed, the Queen walk in with a expression of confusion.

"What is it my King, you've been so short lately" she placed her arm on his shoulders hoping he would tell her the source of his delirium.

"Don't touch me Witch, you have the knowledge of what is being done to me!" he growled, as he faced his wife as a stranger.

In a final act of companion, the Queen ordered her royal guards in secrecy to capture there King, and to place him deep in the dungeon.

As the masses began to question the disappearance of there King, the Queen kept there spirits high with hopes of his quick recovery from a grave sickness.

In the court of nobles, the Queen spoke upon the illness over taking there Ruler, telling them that his with the best physician and the most Holiest of Healers.

"The King as been poisoned!" yelled one noble man, starting a stir within the crowd of the main chamber.

"The King has been pushing himself too far," she ensured, stopping the rumbling and assumptions made by her noble, yet not so wise court.

"The King was Ruling a kingdom, his body has been throught the Wars, and his mind had been throught all the grievances of his people," as she spoke to the room,

Princess Penelopy walk in to the door way, not knowing the faith of her father.

"Father has fallen ill?" she asked starting again the rumbling the Queen so easily stopped before.

As the Princess ran to her mother, the crowd parted by her step, giving her a direct path to the second in command.

She knew the truth would do more harm to her only daughter, then it would do to the people she now ruled.

She bit her tongue, mistaking her burned as vile to be hidden till it was forgotten or resolved by god. Althought her intentions where pure, she kept the truth from her daughter and the masses.

As the seasons passed, the Kings mental stability took a turn for the worst, he wander out of the dungeons and into the royal church where the Princess was practicing for her coronation,

which is a few months to come.


" the king screamed, as his child turned to see her father still ill from his sickness, as she realized who spoke, her eyes grew watery, her voice broke,

and for a moment the world she lived in went dark.

"My King?" asked the Arch Bishop, who was in the middle of reciting his script, he knew this was his King, yet he felt and utter shame by the sight of him.

The once great King wore his royal garments, his best jewels, and his crown still siting on his now crumbling mind.

When the princess walked closer to her father, she saw he was filthy, his hand dark by brick dust, his hair had the same unrest as mindset toward reality.

"Father?," she said again this time, she stepped back.

"Your the Witch of Darkness, You killed your mother!", he said in a long cry of defeat, groaning in pain, gasping through his own sadness.

"Your King claims you a Witch?", asked the Arch, wondering who as played against his King.

"No, I'm not a Witch" she stated matter of fact, yet when the Arch looked back to his King, he believed someone was working toward the Kings demise,

foul play to the crown was the highest form of blaspheme in his eyes.  When the King spoke again, he cried for his Queen, breaking the holy light that filled the church with god grace.

"They took my wife, they made her a whore, they made my love a whore!"as his emotions grew so did his accusation, as for Penelopy she felt her heart break.

Seeing this once great man, clouded by his own effects, she felt as if God abandoned her family, and wickedness filled the chamber.

In the commotion, the Royal Guard burst into the room, and surrounded there King, swords drawn and shields up.

This made the princess run to his aid, as a mad man spoke, she came to his side knowing, that he was her father.

"Stand down imbeciles!" she screamed to the men in armor, pointing all the sharpest edges of the castle drawn out to this man they swore to protect.

"How can you take a vow in his name,-" as she spoke the Queen broke throught the doors, bellowing her cape and demanding them to stand down.

"Conceal you weapons, take the King to the royal chamber, Arch Bishop my apologize for this outburst, I'm sure you have many question."

This angered the princess, why must he surpass her over as if she wasn't family, who was this man compared to her? What made him out rank her when it came to family business?

"You can't just act like i don't have questions either mother!

" she barked, loathing the site of her own mother, and for the first time she spoke against the Queen, as an adult not like the child she was.

"I will not be spoken to in that matter," she glared at her daughter, nodding to her to calm down.

The Queens eyes sank, and the princess knew she was way out of line, but the still had a burning sensation of anger and it grew like fire.

"You said he was with the Holiest of Healers." tears formed in the corner of her eye, this was more than betrayal she thought to her self.

Like a trust left the room when her father entered it in his ragged robes covered by the dust of the dungeons.

"Why did you lie to me," her eyes grew red, and her voice was strained by her muffled cries.

Yet the Queen gave her no answer, she stood there motionless she didn't know what to say, her youth set her aside from the true issue. 

"Your not ready my dear", she spoke softly, and nodded to the guards to take her away.

"Why won't you tell me?" cried Penelopy as two of her men carried her to the high point in the castle.

Turning back to her mom, she couldn't help but feel all the love she'd given her through out her childhood melt into the floor,

she felt the "i love you" her mother had spoken leave the recesses of her mind, and becoming myth.

The Queen had made her choice and now she was the next to fall ill to the stresses and burdens that weigh down the minds of ones before her.

She feared that if she fell too, then the princess would be all that would separate the people and chaos.

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