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Illviania is a promising mother too be, yet with the death of her late husband has brought her to the out skirts of the Deamon Lands. Disregarding all the warnings from other travelers she befriended on her journey to the cursed lands, she treads with good faith that her only child is born happy, healthy, and with a chance at new life in this forgein land.

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Fetus In Fetus

Maternity Of the Clandestine

In the farm lands, all who live in the grace of the folliage bear fruit of there labor as the harvest of the fall floods the busy hands of all the farm hands.

Soon the aroma of freshly broken stalks and the sweat of the men who brake them filled the valley as they initiate the coming of the next season's blanket of change.

In all the activities of agrarian, the eldest start a chatter of gossip for the upcoming future, and humor themselves with the misfortunes of those who have failed in the art of argonomy.

"The Plesser's haven't had a full harvest since they married the youngest daughter to the new comer from the Deamon Lands", spoke an old crone,

as she slandered the wishes of marriage to the outsider and his company.

"No good will ever come of outsiders", added another, as they all agreed in synchronicity, muttering foul things as they realized the source of the families infertility.

As they continued, the youngest daughter of the Plesser's, Illvinia, walked over with a basket of unhusked fruits ready to be prepared for the upcoming of the white winter.

"I have brought the last from my Father's bounty," spoke Illviania as she wipe the sweat from her brow, huffing as she placed the heavy container on the line for further processing.

"Oh well, we are light again this year" mocked a elder, releasing a giggle from the hags who only sat at the town square, to mock and judge.

Illviania didn't know if she was being belittled or if it was just a wisecrack from the herd of time abused and unhappy.

Yet she made no effort in feeding into the present gift as she continued to move away from the mess of wrinkles and ill-wishes.

Walking back to the barn, awaiting for the next back braking command awaiting her as she worked for the benefit of the future.

Waiting for her at the arc of the door was the bright and sterling face of her new husband, Evervance.

Taking her into his arms she was filled with fluttering as he swong her off the soil and into the air above.

"Hello my farm maid," he teased as he placed her so gratefully back on to the loose grounds she was so swiftly removed from.

She wasn't as flustered as he hoped yet he peered into her tired eyes awaiting the reason for the source of her indifference.

"What plauges the mind of my lovely," he spoke as he studied the eyes of his beautiful wife.

"They mock our harvest" she stated, feeling the stares of the others as they watch for any sign of abnormalities springing from the fields of the Plesser family.

"They don't speak out of evidence only out of change," grasping the face of his wife, as she looked away from the mess that was the land they tended too.

"We still await the fruit we truly wished for in the mist of all this puplic havoc", speaking gently as he did his best to shift the mood of his inamorata.

She smiled back into his expression, placing a long and tender kiss on his clever and rosy lips.

As they broke free from each other's emotions, they walked back to the homestead with amlpe ambition in the furthering of the next generation.

As the harvest came to a sudden end, the newly weds discover each other in the brisk of night as they play the game of lovers, and mettle in the dance of new life.

As they finished there act of sexual congress, they made plans for the unborn as they planned the life which has yet to from in the belly of the mother.

"They'll have your intelligence," she said, placing her fingers across his lips and he spoke of his own dreams.

"They'll have your cunning," he added, combing his hands through her hair, watching as she drifted off to the land of uncommon fantasy.

In her slumber, she felt the hand of a creature she couldn't fathom to explain, as it moved the length of her body in a assult of its own prospect.

Cringing in her sleep, it made no hesitation to her unwillingness, filling her with the unpleasant sensation of aggression as the alien body plunders the very door of her womanhood.

Gasping in her dormancy, the nails of the monster fill her as it invades the caverns of Illviania,

causing her whole being to quiver as the darkness creeps up her spine into the pit of her minds eye.

As the last of the vile fills her thoughts, she awoke in a cold sweat and the knowledge of demonic intention.

Sping up from the bed, she was in a rush of panic, leaving the warm bed as to flee the room that horrified her in the soundness of her own dreams.

As for her husband, he lept from the conforts of his sleep. Fearful of what his dreamscape distracted him from, as his wife did her best to convey the symptoms of her burglarized body.

"My dear," he whispered, placing his face on to her doing what he could to subdued her from her state of sheer dismay.

"Something," she shook as the idea of what assulted her played once again in memory,

"It was like insects filled my body" she spoke with disbelief as she looked away then back to him as she stared into his eyes praying she wasn't mad with visions of the hellbound.

"I could feel it touch me", looking at her husband she felt the dream fade by his words.

"It was only a nightmare," kissing her she jerked away, still filled with the pictures of the unknown entity.

As he assured her of no monsters, and clamed her in her fit,

she placed her head back on the feathered pillow with the clouded faith that what she has experienced was nothing but an illusion of the mind.

Infection of Devil's Due

As the leaves fell to earth, the brimming belly if Illviania peaked out from it's normal conforts to invade the noses of all the town's people.

Most of the masses found blessings by the news yet others bielived it to be the second coming of darkness that follows the nationlist of the outlands.

"He'll bare a Deamon," said a hag as she washed the town's filth in the river across the way.

"He'll bare a corpse" assumed another as they rinsed the rags that coved them from the elements and hid the passage of time as it treaded it's cogs against the skin if the unfortunate.

As the new mother walks away from the old women who have only words for each other, she placed her hand on her belly with a image of a family well on a path true completion.

In her daydream, watching as her small family was  content with each other, she felt a shadow cast over her fantasy as a gust of frozen air accompanied the wave of darkness.

As she looked up to the path she saw crowd of farmers outside her families gate.

As her path grew shorter she noticed a pair of feet, outstreached from the cloud of people circling a unknown figure in the dirt.

When they saw the preccense of the mother grow closer, they paused with uncertainty of the events which would soon unfold.

Her father parted from the ground, and his face has the frailty of thin glass.

"Illviania," he spoke slowly as to not startled his own daughter,"I have trerible news"

She couldn't help but to brake the curtain of people as they sheilded her from mystery, as her eyes laid upon the center of the crowd her heart broke at the sight of blood and cargage.

Her husband has been mutilated by creatures of the unknown, and his torso held holes to big to be of anything from the valley.

The more she scanned his body, the more she saw the unatrual marks made by a attacker and how ever part of him was jagged and mangled.

As her greif over took her, the talk of his birth land spread more superstition of evil as it was believed to await the Plesser's at end of the path they now walk.

As the town's people fill the ears of the widow, she couldn't help but to think the visions she's been seenimg as a warning to her and her happiness.

As the winter came, the now lonely mother became a hermit to all who knew her, isolating her self so she couldn't hear what is being said on her behalf.

Feeling the message of the people her parents couldn't have there gtandchild to be born into a cespool of idiots as they made the life of Illviania more unbareable as the months dwindle.

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