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In a moment of scientific forgetfulness, man looked away from the mystique of the heavens, and began to work on each other, realizing life was but a chance in the vast chaos of the cosmos. In the eve of comfort, Earth was invaded by a being of mystery, and what man doesn't understand, man fears. As those fears grew, so did the loom of war to the guest of the void. Shots fired ment life's on the other side were lost, and as the lifeless fell, the once beautiful sky turned against the humans, causing Earth to wilt away it's identity of green to a hellish land of uninhabitility. What caused such a change in the environment? Was it man or was it Earth's new company?


I : Year One

Their came a night, in pitch darkness, the stars sang a song of usual suspects, as the humans expected it to be as any other.

As the disillusion of humanity was the belief that they were the only intellectual life in the cosmos.

As long as man has existed on this speck of blue, they have always been ignorat to the commonality of life among the stars.  If seeing is believing, then nothing gave fact to intelligent life. 

As advanced they became, they have yet to discover life beyond the sky, and as they grew tired of the bore that was the lifeless body above them.

As they gave up the search for alien life, and looked to each other to parallel the philosophies of Galileo and the Conquistadors of Old Spain.

They looked and didn't conquer, they took noticed yet believe the science which govern them to be a feat beyond time to understand.

Respectively, man has yet to develop a technology with the capability to peer into the sea of stars, and find the truth to the fundamental identity of life's persistence to exist, adapt,

and evlove.

On the eve of scientific absurdity toward galactic scrutiny, man put aside the observations of the universe, and put efforts to divulge into the World's issues.

As the answers of sentience wouldn't be found in the expanse of space, but on the grounds so easily forgotten by the mind's which occupy it's earthly plane.

In the scilents of scientific academia, as the eyes where off the skies, in the quietness of space the blue pearl of man was visited by it's first tourist out of the darkness,

as we still looked to each other and not to the heavens above.

The invasion was one of elegance and grace as the space visitors dances in the big blue, as for man, as he became aware, he also feared the new chapter opened by the now seated sky over head.

As they moved out of the void, and slowly moved into the stratosphere, overtaking the air space of man's own discovery.

As they passed the threshold of space to the air of earth, it moved with them, accepting them as a force of nature.

They spoke only in wordless actions of the air which surrounded them, causing tiny vibrations which translated to words in the language of the forgeiners.

They called themselves the Scyphozoan, and knew nothing but the cold vast emptiness of space till the glimmer of blue called them to the point of space they now occupy.

Although the planet was habitable, it was covered in species unknown to the space travelers, as they migrated from the edge of the known to the unknown.

This was now home to the pilgrims of the outer expanse, yet they were unprepared for the unwelcoming paranoia which followed their gentle overtaking of the skies.

Soon suspicion overtook the thoughts of the earthly masses, as they feared the presence of the visitors to be one of ill-omen.

Unable to comprehend the reasons for there appearance, history written by their ancestors spoke to their fears,

knowing one of two reasons for there forthcoming in to the gallery of earthy life forms.  To conquer, or to take refuge.

Unfortunately for the outsiders, man is, in all his genius, slow and dimwitted.

In an act of stupidity, and with the best of man's efforts to comfort themselves, they filled the sky with weapons ment to clear the unknown infestation.

The armies of man, banded together with the brute strength of war as a new enemy, or friend, loomed over the heads of earthly patriots.

In a burst of fire and smoke, the flabbergasted souls felt the shock and awe of the violence of man and his weapons of destruction.

As an act of retaliation, the masses of the sky did what was only seen as an act of magic and science fiction.

Seen from the ground, the clouds all parted, the ozone faded, and the sun beat down on the planet, ingulfing it in radiation and flames.

It was as if mother nature felt the heat of war, and hid where no weapon could touch her visions of splendor again.

With the blanket of protection slowly dissolving into nothingness man had to adapt to the new heavens, as the once green earth transformed into a volcanic crater of lifelessness.

Little by little, the blue sky grew dark, the earth fell into an alien inferno as all life vanished from the planet.  Yet, life is stubborn, and humanity is cunning.

As the art of science was not forgotten, the leaders built an underground citadel, so the dance of life could continue under the burning new earth.

In a stroke of genius, humanity solved, for the time being a solution to the problem they now faced in the endeavor of survival.

In the confortability of the belly of earth, cites grew, towns blossomed, and countries took root in the new home for all humanity.

As life flourished below, the world continues to change for the worst, as surface tempatures reached extremes,

and weak spots in the bunker's design would soon be unable to compensate with the heat and pressure of the upper world.

The more time passed, the more no man or woman of sciense could explain the magic behind the scenes of hellfire above them.

Only, paranoia could give a true reason for the apocalyptic scenarios the world it is currently in,

as the evils of the heavens had a hand in the down fall of humanity as they are now cornered in the deepest resseses of the terrestrial prison of new earth.

As the science behind the madness of the extraterrestrials was realized, as the inhuman biology of the visitors could change the pressure and the ionization of the stratosphere.

Alone, it's almost unnoticeable, yet as a herd,  they could minipitale the weather at will.

This changed everything for the underground, they knew now how they are being pushed under, and out of the lands which was so rightfully the humans.

Survival is a language spoken throughout the cosmos, and man spoke it fluently.  As for the guest of space, they spoke in a tounge unbeknownst to the intellectuals of the time.

How the biology of the visitors could do such a feat of science and maintain it for long periods of time couldn't be explained in arithmetic of modern man.

Yet, man is persistent, man is stubborn, and man is with all his poisons and imperfections, is hopeful to the future.

In the citadel of the underground, the best inventors, scientists, and engineers, banded together once again in the act of war against the over ground.

In the deepest parts of the city, they began to built a vessel to explore the world they only knew in memory.

As they searched for answers, they knew whole heartedly that the truth wouldn't be with them in the subterranean but in the vault of heaven.

II : The Guardian and Its Angels

In the aerial wing of the citadel, six pilots are being preped in the first test of the A.R.C program, one which has been two years in the making. Aviant Lt.

Jun-ill Ramirez, his second aviant officer, Gemma Washington, and his chief of aviation, Barron Nishi.

They all stood in the hanger, watching in awe as the time underground forced them all to work in unison, as time counted down to the implosion of the Citadel itself.

"10,000 hours of building, 20,000 hours worth of programming, and let's not forget our flight training with the maggots", said Lt Ramirez,

as his officers stood in full salute their commander of aviation, both with respect and fear.

It was a vision of true human endurance, they came together with one mission, one goal, and one step closer to the annihilation of the visitors.

"We, Us, the human race," he spoke again, yet this time to the onlookers," We did the impossable"

The lieutenant spoke again to the crowd before him, and to the Council of the Citadel, as well as the six test piolts, all he trained personally.

"As you know, it's been thirty years since my last flight, and unfortunately I don't have the body isn't what it used to be otherwise I would be flighing the Guardian myself!

", he said bitterly, missing the outside, knowing he might not live to see it again, and if this fails, no human ever would.

As he caught his bitterness on his tounge, Ramirez looked to Council Woman Vega Mars, as she nodded to him, and she took the attention of the room.

"This is Alpha test one, of the A.R.C Program," she bellowed as her word bounced around the room like a hoard of song birds, calling to it's companions as a warning of oncoming danger.

" This was a feat of not only science, but of human ingenuity," she paused, as she put in a fake smiled as she always did, and looked around as to acknowledge even the most insignificant.

"The human race is being push to a level of extinction to which I fear we might never over come, yet I have hope, I have faith! That with these vessels, we might push back at our oppressors!

That we might even the odds, one the enemy has used to pushes us under. They have taken away our sense of home, and forced us to live out our lives in a ticking time bomb."

The room filled with stillness, as the truth fought it's way to the ears of humanity, this was what they faced in the loom of war. The mass extinction of the humans, the oblivion of man.

Watching as all eye burned into her, yet she did not letting the fear of failure feed into her dictation, as she stood unshooken not wavering by the heaviness of the adudiance below her.

"Every nation, ever religion, every race of people use to inhabit the lands above, and all we did was fight each other till one of us laid dead, and thus wrong"

She took a deep breathe, and looked toward the pilot's

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