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As I saw the leaves gently drift off, I knew winter had come. That the reality upon me was bound to leave me changed. I continued walking the path in hopes I would see some difference. Hear a difference. Feeal a difference.

But alas the leaves still titered in the winds of their demise; as if prolonging the inevitable. They still crunched underneath my feet, yelping their final words . The cold still stung. Nothing changed.

The path was a long one. The trees made barriers with their branches stretching overhead as if trying to reach and touch each other. Trapping me.

I walked the path, I had no choice. There was no going around or taking another route. This change is much like the seasons. I have no control. As I go further it gets darker. With specks of lights dripping through where the trees would allow. Guideing me to my end.

Or is it my new beginning? As the leaves remind me that they're there every step of the way, never leaving me on my own. I persevere. Never looking back.

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