But I love You
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morganmCommunity member
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Love like this is dangerous.....you drown in it.

But I love You

I love you. You know that. You often act like you don't, But i'll always be content with reminding you. Your lack of faith in my love and devotin chips away at me.

Tears me down.

I grow tired of it.

But i'm always trying to show you how much I love you. You have your burdens. But I bear the weight I pine for your adoration. The love I give you, I only long for the day you give me. Not realizing that you really dont deserve it as much as I do.

But i'll give you my love even if it means not sparing even a fragment for myself. Because it's the way your eyes guide me to safety; as I get lost in them. The way your skin reminds me of rose petals. Smooth, delicate to the touch. The way your soul sets me on fire.

Your presence and energy sets off every particle in me. Like a sleeping volcano brought back to life. I bubble just below the surface with a sense of pride and joy for you being in my life, sending me over the edge into a world of love and admiration.

But it's a world I am the sole inhabitant of.

Because you dont look me in the eyes.

You don't touch me.

Your soul, presence and energy doesnt even spark at the mere thought of me.

Because you dont love me.

But I love you. You know that.

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