I Sat at the Bar
I Sat at the Bar
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A forgotten warning from a man who downs whiskey.

I Sat at the Bar

It was a crisp winter morning when I sat at the bar. Snow was falling, six feet already here and another on the way. The heating was on but I could still feel the chill in my bones from walking the two feet from my truck to the bar’s snow-dusted doorway.

I raise my hand and the bartender walks over.

“Whiskey and coke,” I tell her. “The kind that warms.”

She nods and grabs a coke and Jameson. She pours it all together, handing it to me once she’s done.

I down the glass in two gulps, handing it back and asking for another.

“Gonna be a bad one,” I tell her while she mixes me my drink.

“Winter?” she asks.

I shake my head.

“Plague,” I answer back and I frown when she laughs. “You think I’m crazy?”

“I think you’ve had too much to drink.”

I shrug my shoulders.

“Maybe you’re right.”

I down my drink one last time and hand her a stack of twenties.

“Keep the change,” I tell her. “You’re gonna need it.”

I leave the bar, walking past several “Happy New Year” and “2020” signs. I shake my head and walk through the snow. My truck sits in the parking lot, half buried under a fresh blanket of powder.

With a wave of my hand, my truck glows a faint green. It groans, warping before my eyes as it transforms into a a ship with two long wings and two words, “time ship,” painted on its body.

I pat my ship as I unlock the door. “They’re in for a hard one,” I say, words directed towards my ship.

With one last look at the brightly lit bar, I disappear inside my ship.

The ship hummed to life and with a pop that most people would just remember as the sound of New Years fireworks,opened up a rift in time and space. I pushed a button and steered my ship into the rift, leaving the bar and the cursed time of 2020.


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