All Alone
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Do you know what it's really like to be completely alone? What would you do if you found yourself on an alien planet without a single other soul?

By: Morgan Burke

All Alone

by Morgan Burke

You know nothing of despair and loneliness,

Nor anguish, misery or sorrow,

I live in a world where I know no peace,

Where happiness stays far away.

All on my own, I sit and wait

Waiting what for I do not know,

Here on my own, completely alone,

No single soul to confide.

My heart still aches for one drop of love,

On this alien planet I call my home,

I know not how I came to be here,

But what I must do to fill the void.

On this planet, far far away,

I clutch on my hope that I will be loved,

That I will one day, be happy again,

Reunited with the ones I love.

Every day passes with fear,

That as I stare out to this empty place,

I will never be rescued, know love nor joy,

Only pain as I wait for them to come...

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