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You're Next.

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You're Next. morenalove

One Friday night, in the middle of Adda's peaceful sleep, she was startled awake by the ringing of her phone.

She jolted out of bed, fussing to take her phone from the night stand which was centimeters away from her.

Adda checked the caller ID and was surprised to see her boyfriend's name on screen.

Usually, her boyfriend sleeps at around this hour since he's the type of person to sleep early.

Out of curiosity, she picks up the call with shaking hands. Her heart was pounding with profound anticipation as she says,"Hello?"

"Who is this?" she asks in a jittery voice. The other line was silent for a moment before she hears a dangerous chuckle,"Your boyfriend is dead and..." the line cuts off.

She hears heavy footsteps and a raspy voice from behind her saying, "You're next."

Without further adieu, she hears the piercing sound of the bullet passing through her as memories from her childhood clouded her mind.

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