That Feeling.
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A true friend differs from a best friend. A friend is only a companion.

That Feeling.

by morenalove

How do you feel having a best friend?

How about a true friend?

Have you tried the feeling when you and your friend of over seven years or more being apart? How does it feel?

Is it painful, heart breaking or nothing at all?

How about being betrayed by a best friend?

How hurtful it is for you to feel. It's as shameful than tripping yourself for another guy.

But what I'm feeling now is not mutual.

How about that kind of feeling when you're so close with your very own friend but the connection isn't there anymore?

Yes, we still remain friends and hug each other.

We tried our best to take the past of our memories in but it will never happen.

Everything will change with just a blink of an eye.

Nothing else I can do to it. Nothing at all.

I am still that person.

That girl... I am STILL alone.

***In this world full of criticism, words will sometimes make us leave slash quit.***

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