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So this is a first. <br/>A first try though.

Once Again.

by morenalove

It was a peaceful night for me to walk around the streets.

I walk through the familiar place which I once knew.

"What brings me back in here?" I ask myself.

There is a deep wounded feeling tugging at my chest every time I think of this place.

I told myself, "It won't last long for this is just a dream that was never told."

Suddenly, the beat of my heart turns to an achingly painful rhythm. "What's happening?" I wondered. I think I am about to faint. But that's what I thought.

This is so surreal.

I breathe into the cold evening air and remembered something I wouldn't want to. Somewhere in the corner of this street, I can face the reality of my life.

As I continue my journey, I catch a glimpse of an antique shop.

I started to walk fast until...

...Until I couldn't anymore. I stop dead in my tracks.

I lean towards the glass and saw dozens and more clocks hang in every corner. Ticking at the same... Same Time. Same Rhythm. and at the Same Time.

"Woah!" I am amused.

I reach for the handle but everything started to slow down. People starts disappearing one by one and I am left alone, standing in front of the shop.


I turn by the sound of my name. He is across me. Christian. The boy who broke my heart.

Now, we were both alone.

My heart starts to slow down. I blink at him.

"I'm sorry," he said. His voice is strained and tired.

That's your payback, my mind said. I knew this was coming. The painful hole in my heart starts to open.

The clock stops ticking. 9:00 p.m.

The time of our last date. The time he broke up with me. The time I died.

Memories are relived in my mind.

I am ready for the nearing. Let it be.

I closed my eyes and my body starts to break into a hundred fragile pieces. Everything has gone black. I am alone. I am in the afterlife again.

I saw the hidden the truth that have gone into a lie.

He did love me but he wasn't ready. I am one of those people. I was back for him to see me....

...To see me... ONCE AGAIN.

'Til and Forever.

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