A while.
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morcelleQuiet people have the loudest minds...
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It’s been a while, I’ve found my new love.

A while.

It’s been a while,

I’ve found my new love.

I think he’s an angel,

Brought from above.

I’m scared though he will leave me,

Like many before.

Because my castle keeps falling,

When opening doors.

Like I am so broken,

I break into tears,

Because he is incorporated,

In most of my fears.

Our families are different,

And want different things.

I can’t imagine the

Challenges it’ll bring.

They fall for a while,

But I fall for forever.

I take every challenge

And every endeavor.

I need constant validation

Because I haven’t thought my life through.

But all I know is for my forever,

All I want is you.

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