Darkness in the Sunset (why dis BACKROUND doe)
Darkness in the Sunset (why dis BACKROUND doe) stories

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I’m DarkKit, and I’m part of a dark destiny. Now, some kits grow up to be the leader, not me. I could grow up to a horrible darkness that could consume the clans. And I have to stop it.

Darkness in the Sunset (why dis BACKROUND doe)



Come here, NOW!

Lilypetal meowed to us (LilyPetal is my mother,SunKit is my sis and RedKit is the only boy) I ran over to mother, but halfway there a glistening in the grass caught my eye,

so I padded off towards mother. “You have to come back into the nursery soon, but you have some more time to play.” My heart leaped with joy.

What could that shiny thing be? So with that I Slipped past SunKit and Redkit and went straight to the grass the shiny thing was. I nosed through the grass when i felt something hard.

I pushed in further when it, without warning, clamped down and bit me in the head. “AHHHHHhhhhh” I yowled, as I jerked back. But it was too late. I had passed out mid-scream.

“HAAAAHHPP” I gasped, unable to breathe. Then my eyes shot open and a second later a burning pain shot through my skull.

“DarkKit, don’t do that!” (Oakpool) mewed in anger which quickly turned into nothing. “Your not gonna be able to see out of your left eye” she told me.

And then, I realized I couldn’t see out of that eye at all. I got up and ran to the lake to stare at myself. I was a pretty black cat with one white ear and one white paw.

And then I noticed that my eye was dented badly and I had a huge gash on my nose, along with my paw being missing, my right ear had been cut clean off. I started to cry hard.

“Why Starclan, why did you do this” I muttered. Then, SunKit walked up to me and twined her tail around mine and licked my nose “Oh DarkKit, don’t be sad. We will always love you” She told me.

“But I will never be the same” “It gives you a look nobody will forget” “Yea, an ugly look Cats will want to forget” “No, not like that! A pretty cool and cute look”. I opened my eyes.

“You think I’m cute? You like me?” I asked. “What?! No, no.......ok yes I like you, I love you” she said as she hunkered down in embarrassment. “Well, I love you too” told her as I kissed her.

Chapter 2 A destiny of dedication.

Sunkits P.O.V

I decided to kiss her with more passion and with that, she pulled back to talk. “I love you, SunKit” She told me.

*TIME JUMP* (what you missed: They became ‘paws’ and RedPaw (M) has a crush, BluePaw (M) And bluepaw is gay)

Redpaws POV Mhmm. I could stare at Bluepaw all day. He is so hot. I wond-“HEY! MOUSE-BRAIN”

Ok because I didn’t do this earlier here is the cats FireClan Leader:LittleStar Deputy:RedStream Med Cat: Oakpool Warriors: Bluefur, FlameFang, PetalRiver, Lionpelt, SnowFox, Badgerstripe, Rivershimmer, HalfNose, RunningWind and AshCloud.

Elders: TwoFeet, Grayfeather, WindHeart, FoxPath, Badgerleg. Queens and Kits: LilyPetal: Darkpaw, Sunpaw and

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