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Allan was a hunter and lived alone. He liked no one, except things he owned.

Mad Allan

Allan was a hunter and lived alone.

He liked no one, except things he owned.

He walked his trail with bow and trap. Hopping that he would get a catch.

But mostly he got nothing of the sort, he was unlucky that was for sure.

But he never starved, gladly he had his potato farm. However to night he wanted something real to eat. He wanted meat.

Potatoes beans and mushrooms has stopped tasting sweet. He just wanted to dig his teeth into something quite deep. Something tender and neat.

The night was cold and damp and it was hard to see with all the fog around.

So now the trees was all tall and dark. With long twiggy thorny claws. Branching out while the wind made them swing and slice at everything that came around.

Together with sharp slippery stone conceal with moss and other things alike. It was indeed a dangerous wood these nights. And not to forget the animals of course.

Wolf and tiger with some sharp teeth and claws.

But this big forgotten wood was also home to many things. Crazy cults with strange offerings. That worshiped old deity gods with bloody sacrifice.

But this forest was also whery large and easy to wonder away a bit to fare.

So yes indeed this wood was not the place where you should be. But among all the things that you could stumble upon. ALLAN was the most dangerous one!

Because his mind might be little gone. Things that happen when you are alone fare to long.

But many people did come here visiting. To pick mushrooms and other tasty things.

It had bean raining a lot and that made mushrooms grow. With a reason for people to come. Now that made Allan happy to see. Someone walking around. Another person he stumbled upon.

A short lean quiet fellow that where digging in the ground. The man had a big pomsky hat, and a awkward smile. Bright colorful cloths. The man was obviously not from around.

And with no idea of what was to come.

The young man saw the company he got. And started to wave his hand quite a lot.

Allan replayed with an arrow to his bow. And fired away towards the night pray!

He crushed down on the ground. Trying to scream for help. But only allan was found.

"Shut up and quite down or I eat you here alive! I will drag you back to camp and skin you clean, that way you get easier to eat.

But I do need to hack you piece by piece, so you get smaller and neat. That way you will fit in my cauldron with the rest of my potato soup. But don't worry you won't feel any of that.

I will just grab this axe. And chop of your head!"

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