Red Like Roses [DAVEKAT TEASER] homestuck stories

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A piece from the prologue of the DaveKat fanfiction I am writing! Enjoy the preview! The actual story will be released soon.


I just couldn't understand it. Maybe, I wasn't meant to understand it.

Maybe I wasn't meant to understand the reasons whenever his lips pressed against mine, my entire body began to leap into scenes of irony even I, myself, were unable to see.

I felt as if I was blind from it all, especially from the way he screamed my name as my body connected with his. His face buried deep into my shoulder, but his torso quivering against mine.

Even if I were to understand the friction between us, maybe I wasn't meant to fully grow to experience it.

Maybe I was never meant to see the way his eyes lit up when he saw the snow for the first time, or how his grin beamed as he grabbed my hand so tightly within his as he stuck his tongue out,

begging the snowflakes to fall gracefully onto his tongue. The game was over, but we were just beginning.

I, a Knight of Time, and he a Knight of Blood were a powerful mix of what seemed like injustice.


Injustice was such a powerful word to use to describe something as powerful as this.

I wasn't blinded by confusion, nor was I blinded due to the fact that with every breath he took, it was almost as if venom spewed deep into my eyes.

Though, I knew it was only the sweat his body gave off.

Love wasn't enough to describe what I felt about him.

Love wasn't a strong enough word to describe just how deeply I wanted to hold him in my arms and sing him the praises of old as I caressed his fragile, trembling body.

"You're out of your mind," He would tell me as he would ever so slowly press a kiss against my lips.

"You cause this, Karkles," I would reply almost on que.

Perhaps I was never meant to pull his fingers to my lips and kiss each one with a fragile look that guarded him.

He would get flustered and insult me while pulling away his fingers, but even I knew by now it was only an act. He loved ever single moment of affection I gave to him.

And I loved every single moment of affection i gave to him.

It was like smoke and mirrors. In public, he would act as if I were a spawn sent from the deepest pits of my "human hell", and curse the ground I walked on.

Occasionally he would figuratively and physically spat at it. "Fuck you, Strider!" He would hiss. His fangs would bare.

But once we were alone, his body would morph into mine. He would apologize and allow me to soothe down the wild locks of his hair.

I would always soothe down the wild locks of his hair.

"I pity you," He'd murmur to me, which I would understand as a simple, "I love you."

Years ago, I would have taken offense. I would have cursed my lover for having a pitiful motion towards me, but now, I understood. After all, trolls weren't made to experience love.

He loved me as much as he was physically as well as mentally able to.

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