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moonreaderWriting is my Tylenol when im sick.
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unforgettable love

by meeeeeeeee/ moonreader

it's weird that after all this time I still can't forget you

I can't forget they way you always managed to make me laugh even when i was trying to be serious.

the way your smile was just EVERYTHING!

Aww what I'm I going to do? I'm still in love with you.

even though you know that I still like you, you know that I can't move away. you take that to your advantage.

you always rub it in my face. but being the prideful girl that I am I deny deny deny.

Even though I want to scream and say" you're right!"

I managed to hide all my feelings away even though it was really difficult since it was a big storm.

it's been 5 years and I still feel the same way as I did on day 1.

And probably that's not gonna ever change. until you are with me. you are my unforgettable love.

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