Star Wars Convergence: The Battle of Theed
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A Star Wars Crossover story, written by 212th-Trooper (and myself)

Star Wars Convergence: The Battle of Theed

The Republic after getting info from other factions from other factions found out that Chancellor Palpatine was a Sith Lord manipulating the Republic trying to turn it into

what Galactic Empire faction is. After seeing the political state of the Empire the citizens of the Republic demanded he be ousted from power and be removed from office immediately.

Palpatine would flee just before the Jedi would come looking for him. However he had a surprise for them. He activated a communicator.

"Execute Order 66.", Palpatine said smirking.

A Clone Commander would respond, "Come again? Who is this? How did you get this- Wait is this Palpatine!?"

Palpatine became frustrated throwing the comm against the wall. Why wasn't it working? A strange voice or voices rather speaking in unison spoke to him.

"The balance here will not be broken. Or at-least not like that. You will find that all of the clones have been liberated of those biological chips."

"Who are you?", Palpatine would ask looking around a bit surprised.

"We are The Ones. From every timeline that this galaxy is stitched together from."

"I don't know who you think you are, but you are a fool to-"

Palpatine was cut off as he was grasping at his neck being lifted up choking.


Palpatine was let go, falling to the ground and gasping for air.

"You will find that most of your contingencies have been undone. We will not kill you, but we have made sure you won't upset the balance we have set with all of your plans."

The voices disapeared, and Palpatine was left to himself. What just happened? Where could he go? He could go to the Empire and essentially speak with himself, or go to the Separatists.

Both were risky. Dooku had renounced him, and this other "him" might see him as a threat. He decided to take some time to think.


The Rebellion and The Resistance had managed to make contact with the Galactic Republic now with Bail Organa acting as the new Chancellor.

They had chosen the city of Theed as their meeting place.

The representative of the Rebellion was Han Solo, someone who had been invaluable to their cause,

and the representative of The Resistance was Rey the newest student of Jedi master Luke Skywalker. Both discussed their own timelines before the merge, and what it was like.

Rey expressed that she was happy to see him again even if it wasn't her Han Solo. Han didn't seem to take the news about what his son did in her timeline well.

If his relationship ever did go that far with Leia he would take precautions to make sure that never happened. Also he was thinking of a different name for his son. Jacen sounded like a good one.

Bail Organa came into the room and the meeting was about to get under way when there was an explosion nearby.

"What was that!?", Bail Organa asked grabbing onto the wall for support.

"Chancellor!", A clone came running up to him, "Separatists have slipped past our defenses and forces are in the air and on the ground!"

"How?", The new Chancellor asked surprised.

"Some kind of new cloaking tech it would seem!"

"Evacuate all non-combatants!", The Chancellor ordered.

"Right away sir!"

Bail then turned to the representatives, "Come on you two."

"Sorry Chancellor, but we're not ones to run from a fight.", Han told him.

Bail Organa sighed and told them, "Fine but you two better come back alive."

"Don't worry." Rey assured him, "There is more than one reason we were chosen to be representatives."

They met up with the clone commander readying his men for defense. The Naboo Royal Starfighters were already engaging the Droid Starfighters, and seemed to have it more or less under control.

The ground forces would be the real problem.

"Hey commander what are we looking at here?", Han asked as he got to the defensive line with Rey.

"Bunch of B1's and B2's with heavy armor rolling up the back. They have two field commanders by the looks of it.", The Clone Commander informed Han, and Rey.

The clone commander then handed Solo his optic enhancer so he could see for himself, and saw a Zabrak with metal legs and 2 metal implants in his head, he was also covered in black tattoos.

The second one Han recognized all too well.

"Boba Fett... Apparently he isn't doing jobs for just the Hutts and Empire anymore."

"You know him sir?", The Commander asked.

"We've had a few run-ins yeah. Most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy where I come from, but I don't think he is anything me and Rey can't handle."

Rey concentrated on the Zabrak. She sensed great hatred in him, but also that his will was being suppressed. It was unclear if he would be friend or foe if they freed him.

She was about to inform Han and the others but that's when the blaster bolts started flying. Rey activated her lightsaber and Han fired back alongside the clones. The fight for Theed had begun.

"We just need to hold them off long enough for reinforcements to arrive!" The Clone Commander yelled over the comm to all the troopers.

"Trust me they're not even going to get close!", Han said confidently smirking.

Han's DL-44 proved very effective against the B1's and a well-placed head shot would take out a B2, but this would prove to be the least of their worries at the moment,

as Boba Fett got close using his jet pack firing down on them. Rey would then be confronted by the Zabrak leading him away.

His attacks had such ferocity that she was forced completely on the defensive. Fortunately the Zabrak didn't realize he was being lead somewhere.

Rey and Maul dueled fiercely, leaving the rest of the battle behind as they moved deeper and deeper into Theed.

The younger, more inexperienced Jedi found it hard to keep up with the fierce Sith warrior, but managed to keep herself alive, and even guide the fight somewhat.

She had studied the city beforehand, just in case, and was trying to lead the Sith warrior into the halls of the power core, where she thought she might use the terrain to gain an edge.

And the plan might have worked too: they sped across the Hanger, blades of blue and red flashing like dueling supernovas, and into the tall corridors of the power section.

But Rey couldn't have known what would happen next. A lucky strike from her Lightsaber damaged the Zabrak's control just enough he could slip free.

The memory of The place he now stood, what he had lost there, and the audacity of someone believing they could use him as their mindless weapon, drove the Zabrak too far.

He let out an ear piercing scream and powerful shock wave, that knocked Rey out.

She had no idea how much later it was when Han Solo was waking her up and helping her to her feet.

"How goes the battle?" She asked groggily.

"It doesn't." Han said shortly. "That crazy Vader-type you were fighting came charging back in and attacked his own men! It was like nothing I've seen before, even Luke couldn't have done it.

They retreated a while ago, we've all been trying to find out what happened to you."

"I'm fine" Rey said with a wave of her hand, stopping short when she saw the man in green Mandolorian armor standing behind Han. "Solo, look out!"

"Hey, easy kid!" Han said quickly, stepping in between the two as Fett raised his blaster and Rey ignited her lightsaber. "He's with us now."

"How did you manage that?" Rey demanded.

"Paid him" Han said simply. "He *IS* a Bounty Hunter after all, and Leia's pretty rich, being a Princess and all."

"That makes sense I suppose" Rey said slowly, switching her Lightsaber off.

"If we're done playing games" Fett said darkly. "The girl is needed in the detention section."

"The 'girl' has a name!" Rey said angrily, following the Bounty Hunter anyways. "And why would I be needed in the prisons?"

"Our friend here managed to tag the crazy Zabrak while he was chasing after the retreating droids" Han explained.

"We're holding him, but anyone who tries to get close to his cell gets blasted real bad. I think we need a Jedi to handle him."


Palpatine smiled up at the halls of Korriban. The old Sith Empire may be pathetically primitive by his standards, but they may just be the saving grace for his new plan...

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