The Ending of our Beginning
The Ending of our Beginning waiting for nothing stories

moonquaye the dark side of the moon
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Not every wait is worth it.
( A poem created by me and my friend. Enjoy!)

The Ending of our Beginning

Morning dew from last night's dream

I smile but I know a piece in me was missing.

Eight years feels like infinity

When I finally found you, I thought it was for eternity.

"What do I expect?" I started reflecting,

I know he is not the same as I left him.

He said "I'm ready to make things right"

I'm afraid it will last just for tonight.

I'm laughing and crying at the same time

There's no way you could be mine.

I said "I'll wait until we become together again"

But destiny is so cruel, everything's uncertain.

I thought I'm contented with what I have

But why am I a beggar for your love?

I wish this is one of the days I'll forget

Not all the things you want, you will get.

All I know was we are ready to write our beginnings,

But my pen has no ink to erase the sufferings,

Till we meet again,

To let just be apart to end the pain.

It's hard to let go yet it is the only choice,

How can I erase your voice?

When it is the one who makes me rejoice.

You are for keeps

But you are the reason why I weep,

Can I say "I love you" for the last time?

Even though you can't hear it I know it was not a crime.

The sun rise,

The sun rise, I blink twice,

After all it was not a dream,

Another day again to let my sadness scream.

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