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moonofmine “We ran as if to meet the moon”
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Chp 3


Savannah had tears in her eyes, for once she thought she had got true love in her life, but it was all a lie, everything was.

She gathered her things and ran out of the home, not knowing where she'd end up. She was lost and hurt.

Savannah walked down the empty street, feeling heartbroken and betrayed.

For once in her life, she had thought that someone loved her, and she could trust someone for once.

Her world felt shattered and lost her trust in humanity. She kept walking in the dark until she realized that she had nowhere to go.

She pulled out her phone, searching for the contact of her colleague.

She didn't have any friends to go to, and the only one she could think of was her colleague Tzuyu.

They weren't quite close, but she was the only one Savannah could think of at the moment. Savannah felt her shoulders against others and dropped her phone in the process.

She looked at her phone which lay on the ground, hoping not to brake.

He picked her phone up, and felt her hopes breaking, looking at the broken phone which, was left in her hand.

With anger filled in her eyes, she looked up to the man, but within a moment, all the anger within her melted.

As per her, she was looking at an angel in front of her.

His face perfectly shaped with the perfect features, his smile slowly captivating her, melting her heart.

He lent his hand for her to get up, looking at her with that beautiful smile.

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