Scared of Happy
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moonloveTrying to find an escape
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Scared to be Happy

Scared of Happy

Being isloated, being alone,

Not because i want to be torn,

But because i want to be strong.

I met the hurdles and i met the calm,

The hurdles would always used to stark,

And calmness would always used to pass,

Before i knew i met happiness,

I used to meet the sadness fast

As if you are trying to dance on a beat,

And the beat changes to your wounded past.

So i decided why just not,

Be more sad and hurt,

That when i reach to the known stark,

I am not afraid to lose my soulful path.

I know they say its insecurity,

But darling! I am just scared to be happy.

So scared to be happy,

That now you say i won the game,

I will say it ain’t no fame,

You will say i am unique,

I will say its just the breeze,

You will say i look so happy,

I will say you don’t know,

I am still scared of happy.

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