Questions that need answering
Questions that need answering poem stories

moonlit_essa Just me navigating through a breakup
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I have questions

Questions that need answering

Are you scared of me?

I wonder, as we dive into the night

Questions start to linger

And I struggle to see the light

Did I do you wrong?

I ponder, as daybreak comes along

Can't seem to figure out

If you still hear my siren song

Is it painful still?

I question, as I'm hurting still myself

Can't help thinking

You're still sad 'bout the farewell

Am I someone now?

I ask you, as I wonder if you care

I know we've broken up

But you wanted to be friends

Who are you to me?

I stress out, as I cannot think enough

You were once so precious

But I'm learning to be tough

Where do we stand now?

I'm crying, as I don't know what to do

It's annoying and confusing

Having been in love with you

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