Corridor of the Damned An original poem.
Corridor of the Damned
An original poem.  stories

moonlightshineCommunity member
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This was one of the few poems that I had written a while back. This one, and the others are kinda dark or depressing, just a forewarning. Hope you enjoy.

Corridor of the Damned An original poem.

A corridor is silently engulfed in ghostly flames.

For the voices of the damned scream my name.

Their sobs of sorrow ringed with pain.

As each tells their story on how they were slain.

One voice draws me deeper into the corridor.

The voice of a child, whose life was lost to a pointless war.

The sound of gun fire roars viciously in my ears.

My blood runs cold, over taken by fear.

The fear of losing those I love most.

The fear that I too, will end up as one of these forgotten ghosts.

Little do I know, that I have already met this fate.

For here I stand unaware, at hell's gate.

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