the stars found you
the stars found you stars stories

moonlightpoetry love writing poems hope u love them too
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the reason why I've always liked the stars a little more than the sun.

(short poem)

the stars found you

There's a reason why i've always liked The stars a little more than the sun:

'Cause they give you their light when you need it the most And that's not when the world is bright, but when the darkness comes and makes you get lost in the dark and lonely night.

Then they show you the way and give you their light, and you feel like they beg you to stay, 'Cause they sometimes feel lonely, and need someone kind on their long and lonely way.

But now that they've found you and your beautiful soul, they feel a little less lonely, a little more whole.

So don't be surprised when the stars shine brighter tonight 'Cause they've met someone with a soul full of light.

So when I get asked by you, "Why do they shine brighter than they used to?" - because they've met this person - and this person was you.

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