One Sunday , i was a lonely shoe!
One Sunday , i was a lonely  shoe!  stories
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moonlightgloryCommunity member
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a poem about a Sunday-party crush!

One Sunday , i was a lonely shoe!

my perfect Sunday is a blind date with a book

along with a cup of tea

either i finish the book

or the book consumes me

see i ain't rowdy

but never hosted a pity party

this Sunday i dropped my book

with my heart lock

the girl of my dreams was there

suddenly, i couldn't gasp any air

her pixie catted hair

and her clavicle posing as a chair

holding her tears and despair

looking like a dream but still unhappily aware

that life isn't all candy and fluffy bears

i was anxious even-thought i looked calm

my anxiety was an unsteady atomic bomb

it's like going to a party with your mom

still desperately trying to have good time

i still remember talking to my reflection one hour ago

you look incredibly beau

today is just an other day for you to shine and glow

your confidence will be this party's show

who am kidding though?

she's here , i'm here

but all i feel

is ' i'm a lonely shoe '

on the side road

nobody cares if it belongs to Micheal Jordan

it's now a sterile dead garden

she is less than ten feets away

i leaned to hear her say

some random phrases, i really didn't care

BUT,her voice was dulcet

incredibly match-able with her beautiful facet

it gave me fantasies, about her singing to me after sunset

narrating for the thousand time the story of rumio and Juliette

or telling me how her life is hard as a gorgeous brunette

her voice have a super power

of turning words, to an art

beauty and mystery mixed in one sour

i would drink it every morning as a one shot kickstart

but that won't happen this hour

or the next hour

or the next hour

therefore, our love story will always be in like the nyctinasty of a flower

the story didn't end here

no i didn't buy her beer

instead she came too near

the reason was unclear

she told me greeting i mishear

unfortunately my anxiety stole me out of here

my mouth replied to everything she said by YES YES YES!

my situation was severe

it's ironic, i never knew

that a human interaction can slay me

of what she was saying i had no clue

all i could do is see

Again , i left and felt like a lonely shoe!


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