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moonlight_revol Clumsy writer
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The first time I had saw you You were so sparkling

My first time

The first time I had saw you

You were so sparkling

So bright that I couldn't take my eyes off of you

I still remember the first time you look at me

I just can't do anything

Cause my heart was racing too fast

The first time you smile at me

I just can't hold myself and stretched my cheek bone to the level of my eyes

And show my idiotic smile

The first time you speak to me

I was like someone listening to heavenly melody

It was too relaxing

The first time when you walk to me and introduce yourself

Though I didn't expressed outside

But inside a part of me was singing, dancing and celebrating

My first time with you........

As everyone say that the first time is really special

Well I still remember when I was scare of crossing road

how you hold my hand

I still remember the way you used to make me smile

The first time when you say,

"I love you!"

I can't resist myself

I hugged you like no body else

I still have some memories of you and me

When we used to make promise of future

The first time we kissed

Giving a CPR to each other

Though you were my first time

I just want to love you like hell

Though you are not my last one

I will still be remember you as you


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