Problem Child
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moonhug Peaceful manic.
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(Hopefully flows a bit better)

Problem Child

a poem by moonhug

Some days,

the wish of wanting to be young again is all that’s felt..

I think, hmm... I think I enjoyed age 7....

But definitely not 11...

No, no, no, not 11..


The age I discovered that being skinny was a treasure, taking pleasure

in the bottle, smoke, and looks from strangers,

no ounce of fear no thoughts of danger,

See, those weren’t concepts that I knew.

Along with “self-respect” “responsibility” and

“I love you...,”

But, I did know a few things,

the right moment to spew things...

and where to screw “No-Names”

and the names to give the blame to.

By 16...

my feet so deep in the path that I, with pleasure, had quickly sunk into

like quick sand or a back hand

to the face.

Shot down, on the ground,

and here I still lay.

And I pay.

With this pain in my gut, no life left to erupt,

Oh, I pay.

And I pay.


Every. Fucking.

Every. Fucking. Day.


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