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Blank Silence White noise

Spiraling thoughts fade in. Slow humming of ringing continue in her head. As she is make sense of everything. Silence seeps in again, followed by a mild humming in her head. She takes a deep breath, which is more like a sigh. Looking around in haziness, her typewriter begins to clank. Clank...Clank...Clank...

Before she realizes, story of nothingness started. Maybe, this is an ode to Nothingness. Searching for thoughts and ideas, to best describe her understanding of silence, she begins. Time seemed to be suspended. There was no sense of The Past, The Present and The Future. The moment was all there is.

People are scared of Nothingness. The very fact, there is nothing but silence, scared their wits. Laughing to herself, she thought how unfair people were being to Nothingness. In fact, Nothingness was teaching them to understand, its profoundly subtle beauty.

No Clamoring, No Pain, No Illusions, No Lie. Nothingness was Truth. She always loved Nothingness, because, she saw how vain projected reality was. She found her confidante in Nothingness.

Like a sincere lover, Nothingness heard everything she said. Sometimes, she wondered if Nothingness was really anything like a giant void. There was no judgements, no opinions, no advices....just silence. Maybe, Nothingness was like a Higher Power, listening to her.

In a world full of chaos and noise, Nothingness became her EVERYTHING. Her Home.Her Love.

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