Mirror stories

moonchild_↬writing gives me wings when I'm falling
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I've tried something different this time. I wanted to tell a little story about losing your passion, motivation, your happiness and then losting your own self. please let me know what are your thoughts! I'd really really appreciate it! thank you <3


That girl, she's kind and confident isn't she? Many would love to be her devotee.

That girl, she seems like she has no fears. Did you ever see her face gleam with tears?

That girl, there's so much life radiating from her eyes. They scream she's ready to fight, and ready to rise.

When you look at her, your hear starts to ache, because your eyes recognise her reflection very well. Your soul, little by little, starts to break. She reminds you of someone you knew, before they fell.

You eye her every day wondering where did the person you knew went. When you remember the times you two were still together, you feel spent. The times, you worked hard for things you believed in, the times, you were ready to fight and take the win.

But then, all of a sudden, they were gone, and you were left alone. Feelings such as despair and fear greeted you when you stepped in to the unknown.

You prayed to find something that would help you get back on your track. And when you thought you completely lost sight of where you were, world slowly started painting itself in black.

But then just as your prayers were finally heard, in distance you saw the familiar person which took you aback. But you gathered all your courage and went nearer, And then it hit you, that familiar person was you standing in the mirror.

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