Sand of a Hourglass

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moonCommunity member
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A short ramble about time.

Sand of a Hourglass

The sand of an hourglass infinitely falls. Never listening to anyone's wishes.

This never ending time, this forever lasting moment. Slowly but surely do I forget it.

I'm sure it happened but I know not when. Why does time continue as I try to hold on to the past?

Why can't everything be the same as I remembered? The answer is always one and the same.

It is because time continues to flow like the sand in the Hourglass.

When it finishes, it begins again. The never ending cycle same as the forever flowing time.

There never seems to be enough and sometimes too much...

But I am eternally thankful that I can continue to move forward. Since it has been known and always been known that time awaits no one.

And that time heals all...

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