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The World Out of Reach

My Letter to You,Whom I Broke...

Hello! How are you? There is something I wished to say, and so this was sent to you. The truth about me and why we could never be. The truth about that day I disappeared from your life...

You don't, never have, and never will understand anything about me.... so stop trying to. Stop breaking down these walls I've built between you and I.

I couldn't trust you. We were strangers and will always be...but I'm grateful you broke my walls back then. I was finally able to catch a glance of a normal life. So thank you...

But I ran from the old me, my old world to start anew. A new persona unlike any other. An unbreakable mask that I was certain would never crack much less shatter.

You never needed me, it was only I that needed you or so I thought. I ended things but I wanted it all to return to the way it was. Selfish of me, right?

Sure, think what you will. Even now I hope for the lost time to return....

I saw your pained expressions. The look of anger as you glared at me when we passed on the streets. I see traces of sadness and the hurt of betrayal but I can not be sure.

It pained me greatly and I wish you'd forgive my selfishness... I see now that I wanted too much out of this relationship...

I was hurried. I was desperate. And most of all I was out of time. I wanted to experience what any other person could have experienced in a normal life.

Thinking back on it I was very happy and content about our time together. I don't even know what I was rushing for. How pathetic of me... How unless I am...

So to you who was always there by my side, I want to express my thanks. Seeing you by the pure chance of fate was enough to satisfy me. If fate wills so, I hope we'd meet again someday...

This letter's getting a bit long so I should probably end it soon. Thank you for Everything....

It seems that this is Goodbye...

I wish you the best from now to forever more. Enjoy your life to the fullest since life's such a fragile thing. ^_^ Hooray to your new start!

Please Forgive me ... for being so unreasonable and I hope this letter was able to reach you in the best of shape.

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