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A fantasy tale of consequences that remark the flawed nature of man, where two paralleled warriors attempt the impossible.

Realm of Avelia

A sequence of footsteps thrill and enhance the sound, flashing thoughts of curiosity and interest in Akiro. "Who is it this time?", he asks as a smile hiding deep grief and trauma spreads across his face. "I believe we need you, Akiro.", she'd speak.

"Is that true?", Akiro would question her. "Yes- only you knew the secrets of the Red Moon, for the scroll had already been burnt.", the lady replies. "I sense evil in your words.", Akiro replies.

"I've lost faith in everybody", Akiro continues as he glances upon the chains forcing him to the wall. "This could change your fate- the way people look upon you, Akiro.", she replies. "Your fear restricts you from revealing who you are, in fact torturing me into a blindfold and chains shows the ill will of the people.", Akiro replies.

"Why assume I'm in support of them?", she follows. "I'm in no interest of helping you or helping any of them.", Akiro marks his final statement. He hears her footsteps slowly fade as the door squeaks a final shut down, where silence would then dominate.

"Did he refuse?", a guard asks. "Yes. His extensive prowess in combat and knowledge of the scroll could change the tide of the battle- but oh well.", Scarlet replies. "Akiro could be our only savior, but we hate him; and he hates us.", she would remark.

"Do you hate him, Scarlet?", Levi speaks. "This world of war is dominated by the cycle of hatred, for if only we were to abandon our creed and what we stand for, peace would be achieved. Yet here we see our hate trace back against us to destroy us.", Scarlet would say. "Our hate onto Akiro has struck back against us.", she continues.

Scarlet walks outside the dungeons, despising the cycle that the world functions in. Knowing that fate has it the village will lose the war without Akiro, his words of refusal marked the end of this village. She swiftly strides onto the air to summon her Phoenix, which carries her high over the wind.

Making a glance at the soldiers battling nearby, she glides down and vows her soul to protect the village with her life. Fiercely unleashing her Phantom Katana onto roars of fire that create fear within the enemies yet lit amazement upon her comrades, she runs Fire to her katana and clashes it against the enemies, strike by strike, to leave with not one of them standing.


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