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A beautiful butterfly flapped its delicate white wings through the forest, a small boy jumped up trying to capture it, he giggled loudly jumping up and down. His hazel eyes glistening in the sunlight, his pitch-black hair rising and falling with every jump.
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Infinity: The Monster Within

Chapter 1: Beginnings

A beautiful butterfly flapped its delicate white wings through the forest, a small boy jumped up trying to capture it, he giggled loudly jumping up and down.

His hazel eyes glistening in the sunlight, his pitch-black hair rising and falling with every jump.

A girl was about 15 feet behind him punching a tree, her hair was the same color as the boys but was longer and standing up. Her eyes hazel as well, she yelled as he punched the tree.

Her knuckles bleeding and being torn with every punch.

The boy stopped and tilted his head at the girl. He spoke his voice high pitched and childish "Freya... why do you always punch trees?"

The girl, Freya stood up straight her knuckles bleeding "Cause when someone adopts us and takes far away from here... we will get away and live our own lives... together."

The boy sat down with a frown on his face "But what if someone doesn't adopt us... I mean... I don't have any powers at all, and you barely have any...?"

Freya sat next to the boy cross-legged. The wind softly blew the grass and trees shifted. "we will... trust me, for someone born on the same day as me you sure lack optimism...

whatever that word means" she slaps the boys back and laughs.

The boy smiled, they both laid back and looked at the bright blue sky filed with clouds. Everything around them, was beautiful. The grass was fresh with morning dew even in the afternoon.

The trees stood tall and vibrant. But they stood out like a sore thumb, they wore old rags sewn together. They had paper thin sandal like shoes. And they were covered in dirt.

Freya sat up suddenly and turn to the boy. "You know... one day I know you will go places Kid"

The boy looked up worried "What do you mean Freya"

Freya smiled and stood up and extended her hand, the boy took it. They stood together holding hands.

"Kid... one day we will escape this orphanage... make something out of our selves... we... could be Stars... like hero's or something." Freya's eyes were sparkling.

The boy realized that maybe she was right, "Ye... Yeah... and when we are stars... Our shine... could be Everlasting."

Freya Dropped the boy's hands and turn to the way the orphanage was, "We should head back its almost dinner time"

The boy looked at his feet, "Yeah..."

Freya smiled "Bet I can beat you in a race back" she started running.

The boy looked up and ginned "No way" he yelled chasing after her.

Freya and the boy ran through the forest, as it cleared a big brown building stood. The Orphanage.

Freya grinned as she sped up. The boy was far behind as he exited the forest, he was panting hard, but he kept going.

He pushed harder and harder, but his body gave up and he collapsed right next to the door.

Freya stood in the door frame; she Extended her hand. "Come on... you were super close this time"

But as soon as he touched her hand she was hit with a long stick across the face. She fell to the ground.

An elderly woman with glasses and a blue and yellow dress stood holding the stick "Women... you should not be around boys... especially one without any powers... and alone!"

The woman picks up Freia by the arm "I will personally give you your punishment."

The woman starts to walk away when the boy Jumps up "Wait... she didn't do anything bad... it was my idea!"

The woman scoffs and walks away.

The boy went up to the boy bunks. He sat on his bed with tears running down his face, he held his palm on his face but the tears were too much. He knew Freya would get beat, Because of him.

It was his fault.

A red headed boy walked up to him "look at this loser cry over his "Girlfriend""

The boy looked up glaring "She isn't my girlfriend... we are just friends"

The red headed boy smirked "Okay... and this isn't a punch" The reded boy punched the boy in the face.

The boy landed on his bed, his nose bleeding. Every other boy laughed and giggled.

The boy laid there he missed dinner; all he did was lay there.

At nighttime, when he knew everyone was asleep, he sat up. The beds were moldy and crusty from decades of use. The boy reached under his bed and grabbed a book.

The title read *The Rejected Knight*

He flipped through the pages; he couldn't read so he looked at the pictures.

From what he could tell the story was about a knight who saved a life of an enemy His friends turned on him for doing the right thing. He fought and beat all his friends and went into hiding.

It was a simple story but The boy loved it, for some reason it resonated within him.

Then a knock at the window behind his bed.

He turned to see Freya, he panicked and opened the window.

She didn't speak she just motioned him to fallow.

He climbed out onto a narrow ledge, they crawled to a low spot and jumped down.

Freya didn't speak she just ran into the forest; the boy ran with.

Then she stopped, he did the same right next to her.

Freyas spiky hair was messier than ever.

The boy went to speak but Freya cut him off "don't feel sorry... it was my fault"

Freya pointed up into the sky as she sat down. The boy sat down looking up. But all he could see were the stars.

Freya spoke "One day... one day we will be up there... we will matter one day... right?"

The boy stood up "Freya... you already matter... you matter to me" The boy smiled.

Freya stood up and hugged him.

Then an explosion erupted from a few feet away from them.

A small man walked out of the fire. His voice was lifeless "Guess my aim is off today huh"

Freya and the boy trembled; the boy stepped in front of Freya.

Freya yelled at him "Ah no... I am stronger than you let me be first... you run"

The boy was sweating in fear he could barely stand "N... no... It's my turn to be strong."

The man extended his hand as fire erupted out of it towards the kids.

The boy went to block, but the fire never hit.

Freya and the boy opened their eyes to see a man standing in front of them, he wore a red gi with a tight black under shirt, he also wore black baggy joggers with red pocket outlines.

The man stopped the fire with one hand, he turned his head to the kids "I see you read my book boy... I need you both to get out of here before the others show up... by the way... names Ben"

Ben crushed the fire in his hand and launched himself towards The Small man.

The boy and Freya didn't move they just watched as Ben fought the small man.

The boy spoke "We... need to help."

Freya grabbed him by the shirt "No... we need to run."

Ben crashed onto the ground burning it from the force, he jumps to his feet "Shadow you sure got stronger huh"

The small man, Shadow spoke "sure... stay out of this ben we only want the boy, but I wouldn't mind killing you too."

Ben glares "You should know, I don't die." Ben smiles "And you not going to touch the kids... At all!"

The boy shrugged away from Freya's grip and ran towards Ben and Shadow.

The boy had no idea why he kept running he knew he couldn't help, but yet he still kept going.

Tears streamed down his face as he pulled back his fist, he ran passed ben, he started to yell. Shadow was confused, the boys fist started to sparkle with red and black electricity.

Shadow tried to move but something held him down and in place, the boy Punched Shadow with a huge gust of wind Shadow exploded backwards into the trees that were burning.

Within an instant Shadow snaped in front of the boy and elbowed him in the face, The boy skid on the ground next to ben.

Freya yelled "Kid get out of there now!!"

But the boy stood back up ready to fight, he started to walk towards Shadow.

Then he stopped as a new man grabbed his shoulder. "Kid... let me back up ben... you run Ben will be with you in a little, GO!"

The boy saw six figures walk out of the fire and join Shadow in the assault against Ben.

The boy turned and grabbed Freya's hand he ran.

Freya turned her head back, the two men fought against the seven monsters.

She wanted to turn back but nothing would stop the boy from running.

After about ten minutes of running they stopped, they both fell onto the ground.

Then Ben fell from the sky landing next to them, his clothes were completely ripped, his body was torn to shreds, he smiled "What are your names"

Freya stood up "No, who are you first" she clenched her fists.

Ben smiled "Well, my name is ben... and I am a failed knight trying to do the right thing what's more to say." he grabbed the back of his neck and smiled.

The boys stood back up as well his legs shacking.

Freya spoke again "Well... My name is Freya... and he doesn't have a name..."

Ben looked confused "Didn't your parents ever give you guys names... just how old are you kids"

Freya spoke once more "We are ten years old... and we never had parents... we are orphans only reason I have a name is because they said I fought like a feral beast." she crossed her arms.

Ben placed his hand on The Boys head "huh... then boy your name will be Monsuta!"

Monsuta smiled "But aren't monsters bad" he said sadly.

Ben smiled "Most of them yeah... but you Monsuta, you're going to change that... I know you will"

Ben stood up and looked up at the stars "From now on I am adopting you both... don't call me dad, call me Ben... then one day after hard work..."

He extended his hand words the sky and as he grabbed the stars "You both, will be Everlasting stars"

Both of their eyes widened as hope was finally reassured.

Hours ago,

Ben sat in a tree looking at the blue sky, when he could her a kid "When we are stars... our shine... could be Everlasting"

Ben sitting in the tree smiled he spoke to himself "Everlasting huh... some dreams... can come true."

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