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monosneakersIt's okay to fall apart a little
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They say I'm ugly, weak and selfish, and when nobody has decided to show me I'm not, why shouldn't I believe them?

So they say

She was only 11 when she was first called a freak

An outcast because of a scar on her face

A scar that was derived from an accident

An accident that was caused by a dog

She would constantly get tormented by the older kids

Hassled from paper notes being thrown at her or passed around in class

She would hide in the toilets for lunch because it was safer in there than outside

Inside she wouldn't have to search for refuge among the trees or behind walls

And now,

Despite having a successful job, a loving family and an army of friends

She still can't look at her face in the mirror

Because she thinks she's a freak

He was a confused teenager simply going with the motions

In Year 7 he started getting bullied,

Bullied for not being able to control that his heart was set on finding him a boyfriend

In Year 8 he began cutting,

Tears streaming down his face as he watched the blood stream down his arm

In Year 9 he tried to end everything

Because they told him he was filthy,

Because they said no man nor woman would ever be able to love him

His mum found him passed out, an empty bottle of pills and blood staining his wrists

When he was in hospital everyone acted as if everything they said was a practical joke

As if none of it was their fault and their fault only

When kids cry out for help but nobody chooses to hear,

Why should they try again?

Being told things like

"Kids can be cruel" or "Sticks and stones"

Almost like broken bones last more than the scars on your mind

Like broken bones hurt more than words that cause kids to bring razors to their wrists or ropes to their throats

And how are you meant to ask for help when nobody cares about you?

So you build a wall around your heart with your broken hands and you made your own graffiti

You wrote

'I'll prove you wrong'

Because when you're still here and fighting after years of torturous words then you have to prove them wrong

They have to be wrong

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