Confused, Conflicting
Confused, Conflicting romance stories

monosneakersIt's okay to fall apart a little
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Cool and calm becomes flustered and reckless. Always knows what to do head teachers daughter becomes rookie mistake kid. This was because of you.


Confused, Conflicting

"Hey, Chi-Chi!" I turned around, tensing as Keiko embraced me in a hug, "H-hi." I stammered, slowly hugging back. "Guess what!" Here we go again.

"What?" I already knew the answer, he's all she had been talking about. Hikaru, Hikaru, Hikaru.

"Hikaru asked me on a date!"


"Great..." I wondered how oblivious one could be, but then again, it's said love blinds you of a lot of things, so I guess it wasn't that surprising. As long as nothing happened on that date.

"Hey, Chisaki, how are you?" Period 5 and I'm in a pair with Hikaru. How glad I am. "Peachy."

I spat, huffing as I pressed my chin further into my palm, "Oh ho ho! What's got you so mad?"

I scoffed at his loud nature, already hating the thought of him being Keiko's boyfriend, "Everything."

"That time of the month?"

"Get lost before your ugly little face meets my fist." I growled, slamming my hand on the desk, drawing unneeded and unwanted attention to myself.

Whispers started to circulate around the classroom, "Chisaki? The head teachers daughter? What's happened to her? She's never this riled up!"

"I've heard she's blunt but this is not what I expected!"

"Everyone be quiet!" Huh, Keiko, "Just leave her alone! If she got frustrated then that's not your problem! I can sort it out, so just get back to work. Please."

Everyone hesitantly followed Keiko's directions as she came over, softly grabbing hold of my hand, "What happened?" I wasn't thinking straight.

I was blinded by recklessness and just let my emotions take control. Slamming my lips against hers for a single second was enough to send sparks through my body.

I stared into her eyes longingly, "Love me 'til I'm me again" with that I had rushed out of the classroom, heading straight towards my fathers office.

I. Screwed. Up.

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