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An independent story about a pregnant woman between the world of drug dealers and love, but this is only the beginning of it...


Chapter 1

When I married Esthebane, I knew what would happen to me. I married a drug dealer. When I first met him it was at a chic hotel downtown.

He was the most gentlemanly person I met, he delicately kissed my hand with his sweet luscious pink lips. He danced the valse with me all night long.

At the end of the night he told me that even though we just met, he wanted to see me again; I gave him my number and that’s how it started. This very next day, I saw him again, and we...

made love to each other, but hopefully I did not become pregnant. Months later, he asked my hand and I became the famous wife of Esthebane Delavega.

My name is Shaïla Delavega and this is my story with him.

It was our 7th anniversary and I planned to surprise him with his favorite meal; drugs. But what I didn’t know is that he had a bad day. His client did not pay the drug he buyed.

He came flaming mad home and started yelling that he was hungry. I tried to give him one of his favorite pills but instead of eating it, he throwed it on the ground and slapped me.

It wasn’t the first time, but it was our anniversary, and I hoped, wished that he would not hit me. He yelled that he never loved me and that he regretted that he asked my hand.

I, for the first time told him that I was sick of it, and that I had to tell him something. He calmed down and asked for me to say what I had to say.

- I’m pregnant Esthebane

His eyes were wide open and he got up and went in the room. I followed him and he closed the door, I mean locked it. He had a knife in his hands.

- Shay, we must kill the baby, I do not give a fuck if you die, but he must die, said he with a devilous smile.

I must shacked my head, he was going to kill me, lucky for me I was right behind the door, he started walking towards me with that shiny and sharpy knife.

I opened the door and started running towards the door. I got out and I was in the middle of the street. I must go somewhere I thought.

The first idea that came to my head was that I must go to my sister’s house. I took a taxi and because I had a lot of cash, I went to my Maria that was living 4 hours from there.

Because it was 6h pm, I arrived there at 10h. It was a long time since I didn’t see my sweet family; Esthebane never wanted me to see any of my relatives.

Honestly I was nervous to ring the bell. How would she react when she saw me? Would she be happy or sad? I decided myself and rang the bell

- Shaïla?! Is that you?

- It is me Maria

She started crying as I started crying too. We hugged a thousand times. She invited me in and as I entered the house I saw twins; two little boys. They were my nephews.

- This is Emilio and that one Alehandro.

I was so moved when I saw that I missed so many things. I sat on the couch and she gave me a glass of water.

- Talk to me sister

I explained to her that I was pregnant for 7 months now and that the day of our anniversary, he was really mad and when I announced him my pregnancy, he tried to kill me.

She was listening with tears flooding down her face. I couldn’t anymore. It was too much. I cried so much, I cried my eyes out. We stayed like that for a long time.

She proposed me to stay here till I could find some help. The only thing that worried me is that he might try to find me. Then later, at night her husband came with a stranger.

He was more handsome that him. His eyes were of a mix of hazel and green, he had beard but it fitted him perfectly, and the most beautiful, he had abs, real abs.

When Julio saw me, he was delighted. He kissed me two times on the cheeks and started laughing hysterically. On the other side, this mysterious stranger kept looking at me. I turned to him.

- Hello there

- Hello, may I ask your name?

- Me? I am named Shaïla and you?

- It’s a secret; I can only tell you that I am the brother of a famous dangerous man

- Well, we have a mysterious man here.

I started wondering; is he the brother of Esthebane? Did he come for me? No, that couldn’t be true, maybe he was just joking, or he is just a friend of Julio.

After drinking and laughing, we all want to sleep except this mysterious man who went home.

Chapter 2

The next day, as everybody went to work, Maria told me that I could go out or stay home. I was taking a shower when suddenly someone ranged the bell.

- Shaïla, do you remember me?

It was the stranger from yesterday.

- Yes I do

- I know it’s all of sudden but can I take out today? Please?

- Give me 5 minutes

I didn’t have clothes so I took some from Maria. I took a yellow summer dress with flowers on it, I let my curly hair down and wore slippers.

We went outside the house and he randomly took my hand.

- What are you doing?

- Holding your hand

I took off my hand in his and went in the car. As he went inside, he put the radio and strangely, the music that I danced on the day of my marriage was on the radio.

- The music's from my phone, do you know it? I know it from my brother's wediding

Oh my god, was he Esthebane's brother? It couldn't be, if he was, I would be maybe in my old home or in some abandoned place. I didn't answer and just smiled.

Chapter 3

We drove for maybe 40 minutes to get to our destination. It was a beautiful place. Full of flowers, I love flowers, especially lilacs, and it was a lilac field. They were beautiful.

He got out of the car and opened the door for me.

- After you my lady

- I see, polite huh?

- I'm a gentleman, that's what they do, said he laughing

We walked slowly through the majestic field of flowers. Then he suddenly took my hands and said;

- I cannot anymore, I have to confess something

- What is it?

- Even though I just met you, I think, no I know, I felt in love with you, but the thing is, will you accept me even though I know that you don't repent the same way.

Even though you are pregnant, I still want you to be mine Shaïla.

- But I do not know anything about you, not even your name

- My last name is Byron, so you can call me Byron

- Byron, I suffered a lot in the past, but I trust you, I will give you one chance and only one

- Thank you!

He kissed me with fervidness and I fondled my hands through his dark brown hair. It was the best kiss I had since a long time ago. We stayed a little more, laughed and kissed.

He helped me get in the and and told me that we were going to his house. Without even knowing, I felt asleep in a deep and wakeless slumber.

When I woke up, I was in his bed, deepened in his enormous chest, I must have slept for a long time, I thought. I turned over to see the time on the clock on his coffee table. It was 11:11 PM.

Make a wish Shay...

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