hey everyone! my name is monica!
hey everyone! my name is monica! intro stories
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monlovegood1994 Community member
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an intro to who i am and what i’m going to do with my account :)

hey everyone! my name is monica!

i love to write fanfictions, original stories, and original songs. i have an account on instagram with the same user as my commaful account, and i have an account on wattpad and tumblr with the user @monicalovegood1994, and i use these platforms to promote my wattpad stories :)

i’m going to use commaful to write short stories bc sometimes i have some ideas that i have to write down. i am planning to write stories about harry potter, marvel, different musicals, and even original content.

if you have any questions or comments about what i should write, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. i’m not hard to find :) love to all of my readers <3

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