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Time, how anyone can travel back in time

Time travel

Time travel happens continuously it's very simple for anyone to travel or slip across time,

to travel with the use of music just think of a song.

Now, think of when you first heard that song, visualise what you were doing when you enjoyed hearing that song most

you have just travelled back in time or should I say you slipped into the parallel universe of time.

Now put on a set of headphones and listen to the same song, concentrate on the song you're listing to

again you have just slipped to the parallel universe of that time but for a longer duration.

Now, look at a photograph of a friend, a family member or yourself from the past, focus on the image, you have now slipped into that parallel universe

you can move further back or forward in that timeline as long as you keep focusing on the photograph.

You see time travel or slipping across time is possible...

we can only go backwards as time as we know it exists only as a record of the past

there is no future time as the future has happened.

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