The Best Night of Sleep Ever
The Best Night of Sleep Ever stories

monkeycewawaA poet who wants to express themselves
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The Best Night of Sleep Ever

Last night I was talking to my friends and one of the was upset so I told him he should build a fort just big enough for his TV to fit in with a tub of ice cream. Then, I thought "I should take my own advice". I cleaned up my room and got all of my blankets out. I got my math book and two tin boxes to hold down the blankets. After that, I layed one of the blankets on the floor (I folded it in half). Then, I took a blanket to put across

the floor as a tent kind of. I used the tin boxes and math book to hold down the blanket on my dresser. I got one of my big comforters and put that on the floor for padding. I went to my bed and grabbed all of my pillows and put them underneath. Then I grabbed a soft little blanket to put over me. I fell asleep instantly (that doesn't usually happen) with my dog under the fort.

I didn't wake up the whole night (which is also unusual). When I turned off my light it was so dark underneath the fort I loved it so much.

The blankets were so warm and my dogs loved it too. In the middle of the night (I don't know how I didn't hear this) the tin boxes and a basket fell. I'm guessing one of my dogs was trying to jump on my bed and jumped on the blanket instead but, the extra blanket was just fine with me. During the making process of the fort, I felt like a little kid again.

When I was little I used to build forts all the time and sleep in them. They were so fun to make and I forgot about that until last night. Last night made my whole today.

-I'm feeling good today. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed.

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