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monkeycewawaA poet who wants to express themselves
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Secret Lover

When we think of friends we don't usually think of them any more than that.

When friends open up to one another about their sexuality and they know their other friends are straight they don't let feelings develop between them to respect that their friends are not that way.

So when a friend tells you that they have feelings for you it's surprising because you never let yourself feel that way out of respect for the other person.

One of my friends told me she has feelings for me... I took a moment to think and realized that I had a crush on her when I first met her but, when I figured out that she was straight I stepped down and hid those feelings.

I'm not really sure what I'm thinking. She was my best friend and now we're more than that. I've dated girls but, we didn't start out as friends. It's really awkward between us and I want that to go away so I can try this foreign thing that got placed in my hands.

I feel a lot of mixed feelings so, I hope that some of you can give me advice. I would really appreciate it, I'm new to this and really really nervous. I don't want to mess this up.

- Thank you for reading this (if you got this far)!!

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