My Thoughts about Cutting
My Thoughts about Cutting  stories

monkeycewawaA poet who wants to express themselves
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some thoughts sprawled out in writing. This story was my views about cutting and trying to get people to understand.

My Thoughts about Cutting

some people do it for attention

others just want the demons to go away

it's different for everyone

cutting can be addictive and can be serious

If it doesn't get pushed farther it can be theraputic in a way

when some people cut they don't think of it as hurting themselves they think of it as cutting away things

you can't truly understand why people do it unless you have gone through it yourself

when someone cuts it's more about feeling alive then trying to commit suicide

some people are not meant to understand why people do what they do but they can give their support and help in any way they can

I would suggest to not start cutting because you don't want to get sucked into the addiction

just one cut can turn into twenty real quick

I wish that more people can at least try to understand where cutters are coming from

helping them is better then telling them to stop because telling them to stop can just add to the stress

take it seriously if someone is telling you that they are doing self-harm

if you make jokes about it their going to feel more hopeless and they will think that they confirmed that you don't care

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