Laying in the grass looking up into the night
Laying in the grass looking up into the night  stories

monkeycewawaA poet who wants to express themselves
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Some motivation.

Laying in the grass looking up into the night

the best place to think

even better if someone was their with you

to clear your thoughts

and make things seem better for a little while

soft sounds of the forest touching my ears

trying to remember how it was like to be happy

thinking of the past month or so and wondering where it all went

thinking I don't need to waste my time thinking of all the shit I've done

and to stop pondering about death

and destruction

when all I'm doing is causing it

being the cause of a death can hurt you but, you must move forward

It's ok to feel sad for a little while but, sometimes that not an option

you should be happy

with yourself, your family, and others

and just accept that you are the way you are and you can't change that

the past is the past you need to remember the present

don't worry about what the future will bring you, that comes later in your journey

the future will make it's own mind as long as you let it

- Some daily motivation. Hope you get something out of it!!

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