I'm Fine (Part 4)
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monkeycewawaA poet who wants to express themselves
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Part 4 of "I'm Fine"

I'm Fine (Part 4)

But you start to lose your mind

When your friends

Drop like flies

And you begin to wonder

You put the mask on at all

If it’s not for yourself

Or your lover

Or your friends

Or family

What do you do

When the people

You try to save



And they’ve left you with their own

Burdens and insecurities

And weights and travesties

ANd thoughts

And realizations

That they were right

All along


Once they’re dead

You couldn’t save them

And no one could

And they’re HAPPIER

Where they are now

So why couldn’t you be happy

For them

So shouldn’t you be dead too?

Am I fine?

Am I?

I don’t fucking know anymore


What does fine mean?

In this cruel world?

What does it mean

When I can’t breathe

Can’t see

And the pain and images

Return to my mind

And are showing up

Knocking on the door

When they aren’t fucking invited

When you can’t make decisions

On your own


Everything you do

Is a question

Of right and wrong

Or is it just

your depression talking

And my anxiety speaking

Because you can’t even

Know I’m fine

Know what it means either

Because I’m not fine

Because I haven’t lost much

And maybe someone else

Has lost more

But I don’t know

How or what to feel

I’m fine

Is there a requirement?

To be fine?

A scale?

A measure?

Of how fine

Is fine?

Am I fine?

I guess

I have to be

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