I'm Fine (Part 3)
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monkeycewawaA poet who wants to express themselves
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Part 3 of "I'm Fine"

I'm Fine (Part 3)

Am I so deserving

Of this bullshit depression?

When my life is so seemingly


So seemingly


And undeserving

Of sadness and tears

When little Johnny

Across the street

Lost both his parents

In an accident

When little Suzy was raped

Over and

Over and

Over until she ran deep

Knives through her thighs

Am I allowed to be not fine?

I’ve only ever dealt with it myself

I bring others

problems into my life

Battling and combatting

Playing a game of

Chess hoping to knock over

The king pieces

Of the other people

With my own king

King of strength

And pride

A king who knocks down

The king of helplessness

And loneliness

But when you get

Sucked into the lie

In the hell

And you realize

There’s nothing you can do

To save their life

That their white knight

Was all bullshit

Cover for your attempts

To make yourself a name

In your own heart

To try and help

People who aren’t fine

Always seeing the look

In other people’s eyes

Widows to their grave

And their souls


And opinions

Their minds slowly turning your own

Until you can see

Then you begin to see

What they see

And then this drop

Of hope and love

Always losing its integrity

In the face of a fucking



Which is to be

In this life

But you can’t show that

Not anything at all

So you put on your own mask

And you say

I’m fine

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