Duke (an attempt on a story)
Duke (an attempt on a story)  stories

monkeycewawaA poet who wants to express themselves
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This is about my dog. Bare with me. This is my first time attempting to make a story so, here goes nothing!! Please tell me how I did and what I need to fix. Sad story but, he's doing better.

Duke (an attempt on a story)

One of my dogs Duke is getting older and his hips have been hurting him and today Ray Ray (another dog), Doc (another dog), and Duke escaped our dog pen and ran around our property for a while.

My dad and I were riding on the four-wheeler to find them (my dad was worried that Duke will have a heart attack because he's 130 pounds and big dogs usually don't live very long) and we found Duke in the woods whining and not able to move. My dad and I got on either side of him and lifted him onto the four-wheeler and took him to the house. He ran so much his hips basically gave out on him

He's not walking around much and I'm thinking that he ran too much and pushed himself too far. I hoping that his hips didn't get any worse than they were. He's a strong fighter so, hopefully, he has a couple more years left. We need some scientists to find out some way to switch out the bones and make them out of rubber so, they can live longer.

It doesn't help that we got a puppy that is his size so, he's trying to keep up with the puppy. That puppy wears him out every day. He tries to convince himself that he is still a puppy. He's too stubborn for his own good. He's still not walking very well but, he's not whining anymore so, that's an approvement.


My first story!! :) Please let me know in the comments what you think. I enjoyed writing this and getting it off my chest. If you guys like stories maybe I will start making stories and posting them. I hope you enjoyed it and hope you have a wonderful day/night. <3 :)

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