Am I pretty yet??
Am I pretty yet?? stories

monkeycewawaA poet who wants to express themselves
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A poem I wrote when I had low self-esteem. To be honest I was scared to post this because the pictures are me.

Am I pretty yet??

what if I dye my hair?

taking a million photos just to delete them all

finding that "perfect one"

what if I cut my hair?? Will that work?

how about makeup?

do I hide my face?

wearing dresses to "feel pretty"

trying on outfits because none of them make you look pretty

Am I pretty yet?

not eating will make me skinny

who cares about my health

being weird in pictures and saying "I look so weird in that picture" delete

to be pretty isn't a life goal or a necessity but, you can embrace your ugliness and show your inner beauty and not care about the outer beauty.

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