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monamaA daydreamer and a night writer.
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Chaos of lights

Graveyard of stars

That night i looked at the sky, looking for a lost star, or maybe lost his way while looking at Earth, just like i got lost while roving in sky-beauty.

I knew that star years ago, i even found him a name suits his small size, but i don't remember it now.

all i remember is that he was so small. And despite his size, his light was distinctive with a distant glow...

some nights he stood alone. And other nights he stood lonely among his friends, they came every now and then, but he, he never left.

So, we became friends, wherever i went, he went with me. He even had some of my secrets and tears.

But one night, i couldn't find him, as if he faded away, he disappeared...

and many stars came after him, many big stars and the more the night gets darker and calmer, the more they glow.

I waited for him sometimes, but he never came...

maybe he has found another friend, and maybe he has become a big arrogant star, that won't look at Earth in curiosity as he used to do before.

What if he has become one of those big stars and i couldn't recognize him ?!

Maybe he passed away!

I'm afraid he has become a bigger star, but with a subsided glow..

i'm afraid he has become an ordinary star.

I am afraid that his curiosity has become fondness...

And approached the ground until he fell out!

or it got closer and closer to the ground until he lost his glow to the lights and clutter of the city.

and became like any star,

any ordinary star which got fooled by a charming luster of nothingness.

And one night...

all the stars were gone,

and nothing was left but idle cotton clouds

and skies full of silence, skies were formerly for stars...

stars that might have left or fallen out because of the chaos of lights.

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