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monaishere Just some Army things y´know
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Why hello there. Um thanks for reading my crapy stories (In the future). Uh.. Well this is my account. and crap it.

I am V Just call me V since that is my first Letter in my last name. My birthday is in march 13. Also i am A kpop Fan.

I love blackpink,bts,twice,TXT,exo,stray kids, day6,etc. if you know me in real life and not just on a screen then you already know. I am Bisexual. so enjoy my LGBTQ presents.

if you are homosexual then i dont care i am who i am and you are who you are. i may be on a person on a screen. but i know more than you think. i am just saying.

if your going throught some things i know what its like. cause i am going through hard stuff right now. I am depressed and i do cut but I signed a contract not to. also before i go.

You are Beautiful.

You are NOT fat.

You are very special.

i am a person on a screen but aleast i know what i am doing.

l purple you<3

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