The one he’ll never want
The one he’ll never want  stories
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momona1603Community member
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I made this because this is how I feel, not always, but most of the times I come back to the realization that I'll aways be the one doesn't want.

The one he’ll never want

I never felt this much pain before

It’s like life hit me harder than ever

The only reason why they call it a crush

Is because that’s how you feel

After finding out they don't like you

Or that they like someone else other than you

I’m probably just another invisible nobody

It might have only been a small thing that started it

But now small things don't matter

I don't know why I even care

When people talk about him

I put on a fake smile to hide all my feelings

But in the inside I cry

All I can do is cry knowing

He is thinking of someone different

He might not even remember me

But I will always remember

All I can do is hide and cry

And stuff all my feelings away

He will never like me

I’m so stupid

I need to get my head out of the clouds

I’m an ugly, retarded, stupid, nobody

No one likes me

And no one ever will

I’m not pretty

Just ugly

I’m not smart

Just dumb

I’m Not popular

Just retarded

I’m Not someone

Just nobody

There will never be an us

Only a you and her

Another dream impossible

Another mission failed

Another person broken

And that person is me

The useless, no good, nobody

Just me

The one he’ll never want

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