Eternal Summer Sleep
Eternal Summer Sleep yokai stories

momomozi unnamed sin
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Ayakashi short centered on the character Koban, a nekomata (in his POV).

Eternal Summer Sleep

... I open my eyes. The light isn't blinding, but I know the sun is high. My first instinct is to look around. I'm in the same room. I have no idea how long I've been sleeping for. No matter how old I am, I still retain my youthful look, anyways.

There isn't anyone in the room, but I know there has to be. I try to move my body, and I can. It seems I haven't grown stiff from not being awake for a long time. It only felt like one dream, but that was just my kind's conception of time. Who knows how long to humans I've slept?

Slowly, I get up on my two feet. My legs feel weak, but I'm fine. The first thing I do is walk over to the veranda and slide the shoji screen open. Now, the light was truly blinding. My cat-like pupils dilate, helping me get used to the exposure. I look around.

The garden behind my room still looks the same. The koi pond with no real koi in it. The sakura tree which had withered away by what seemed like months ago. I stood there, by the shoji screen, until I close it and walk out of the room.

The hallways are quiet. They mostly always are. I try looking around for Geena and Kuroten, but I fail. My instinct tells me that the young master obviously won't be home, so I look around for master– Tetsuno Kenji-sama.

I actually find him; in his room, sitting in seiza on the tatami flooring. Tetsuno-sama may be my master, but he isn't like his younger brother, Tetsuno Tenshi. He was busy with his own hobby– painting –and didn't notice until I slid the shoji screen completely open and kneeled down.

"..." "Koban," he called out, in a soft, gentle voice like a swallow, and for the first time in a long time, I heard my master's voice once again. He put his brush down, and signaled with his right hand for me to come over.

As his own shikigami and servant, I listened. Tetsuno-sama must be home alone, it could've been lonely with both Geena and Kuroten out and me in my long sleep. The first thing he did was brush his fingers through my dim, ginger hair, scratching the comfortable spots behind my cat ears. I let him do as he pleased– after all, he was my master.

I couldn't help but purr as he did; I was part of and originally a cat, after all. Even though I could only ever see the majestic Tetsuno-sama with one eye, he was still magnificent and someone to kneel before. He was unlike his brother, but I didn't prefer his brother either way.

In a sense, I felt at ease around a master like Tetsuno-sama, and I'm confident that Geena and Kuroten do too. It was such a warm welcome, even when I was expecting to wake up alone after that lengthy slumber.

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